Bones Found in Stamford

By Tammy Harvey



Stamford residents Theresa Tapia and Hector Lopez were shocked to discover what they believe to be human bones in their backyard last Sunday, January 5. Lopez noticed some small bones and three small buttons while installing a fence. He then continued to dig and came across more bones. He and his wife Theresa then contacted Stamford Police Department, and Officer Rusty Cavett came to their residence. According to Tapia, he told them “…keep digging and when you find a skull, call us back…” Tapia and Lopez did just that. Upon further digging they unearthed what appeared to be bones of a skeleton, but no skull. In a phone interview, Tapia told the Stamford American, they unearthed what they thought to be human arms and legs so they called Stamford PD again. They spoke to Police Chief Darwin Huston and once again, Office Cavett was sent to their home. Three days later, Captain Henry Lopez contacted them by phone. He arrived at their home and advised them to stop digging, and the police would be back to mark off the area the next day. Tapia says they have not done so. When contacted by the American, Police Chief Darwin Huston issued the statement “…they’re animal bones….there will be no further investigation…” Tapia and Lopez have a hard time believing that. Tapia stated, “That’s someone’s family member and they need to know what has happened to them.” 

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