The Battle of the Blue and Red…

Who will walk away from the District Title?

For the second year in a row the district football championship comes down to one game. The Stamford Bulldogs and Anson Tigers have both held their positions as state ranked teams, with Stamford being the defending state champions and Anson coming off one of their best season last year. So who will remain supreme? Only the final sound of the clock ticking down this coming Friday night in Tiger Stadium will tell. But here is what we do know.

1. This year will see two very different teams over the previous year. Stamford, while still ranked as a contender for this year's state game, lost over 20 members since last year’s season. The Tigers, however, while losing a few of their major players, such as D.J. Walker and Hayden Stovall, have retained the majority of their team from last year. Their quarterback, Jalen Garza, is now a senior, and he brings a strong first string with him. The Tigers also have something going for them that they didn't have last year, they have more confidence after a strong stand in last year's playoffs and being undefeated so far in preseason and district play. Stamford is still deep in talent with players such as James Washington and Bo Wimberly. They have played and beaten tough teams in preseason and only fell to what is undeniably one of the best teams Cisco has ever seen.

2. With the exception of the near miss with Forsan, both the Tigers and Bulldogs have seen similar scores and victories over the same teams. Both are undefeated in district with Anson beating Winters 62-22 compared to Stamford’s 54-12; Anson's victory over Haskell 62-0 compared to Stamford's 53-7, and Forsan 21-20 compared to Stamford’s 47-7. Anson has scored 145 points vs. Stamford’s 154 and has had scored 42 points scored on them vs. Stamford’s 26.

3. The Bulldogs have the advantage with a strong vetted program. Stamford coach Wayne Hutchinson has had these Bulldogs under his wing for the majority of their sports career. While there is no denying that Coach Keith Woolf also has the makings of a strong program at Anson, his program is only two years old in Anson.

The battle for the district title will be a good one. Both teams have earned their place in playoffs and will most likely still be playing football well into December. Who will win? Only time will tell, it will more than likely come down to mistakes and penalties. There is no doubt however that the game will be worth the price of admission. Tickets go on sale at Stamford ISD this Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday from 8-12 and 1-4. $5 Adults/$3 Students. Get there early, it will be definitely be standing room only.




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