Texas Cowboy Reunion Results

Overall Event Sponsors - Bill Reed Distributing Co. & Star Dodge

Bull Riding - Buckle Sponsor: Stamford Pump & Supply Robert and Barbara Wingrove - 1st-McKennon Wimberly, 2nd-J. T. Petit, 3rd-Brady Roberts, 4th-McKennon Wimberly, 5th-Steven Campbell

Ranch Bronc - Buckle Sponsor: Stamford Insurance Agency - 1st-Tres Campbell, 2nd-Laramy Richardson, 3rd-Billy Good and Conner Rice, 5th-Quentin Daniel and Taylor Williams

Bareback - Buckle Sponsor- Cox Livestock Co. - 1st-Zach Dicken, 2nd-Zach Dicken, 3rd-Colten Wiley, 4th-Kory Hart

Saddle Bronc - Buckle Sponsor- Shotts, Trevino & Guevara LLP - 1st-Peter White, 2nd-Jace Lane and Audy Reed

Team Roping Results:
Buckle Sponsors- Quality Implement Co. and L&M Farms
- 1st Go Winners - 1st-Jeff Kanady/Wesley Moss, 2nd-Jeff Kanady/Wesley Moss, 3rd-Wesley Troyer/Danny Trowbridge, 4th-Pace Freed/Brett McDowell; 2nd Go Winners - 1st-Chad Plumlee/Clay Burnham, 2nd-Rudy Danley/Ray Danley, 3rd-Cody Bader/Colton Lee, 4th-Chance Gasperson/Chuck Butler; Average Winners - 1st-Rudy Danley/Ray Danley, 2nd-Jake Brown/Randall Ellemeyer, 3rd-Chance Gasperson/Chuck Butler, 4th-Cody Bader/Colton Lee

Old Timer's Calf Roping - 1st-Mark Ivy (Saddle Winner-Saddle Sponsor- Pate's Hardware & Lumber ), 2nd-Dave Laster (Buckle Winner-Buckle Sponsor- Doug and Lisa Terrell), 3rd-Bill Shoaf (Spurs Winner-Spur Sponsor- Don Welch Family), 4th-Darryl Blackwell

Old Timers Breakaway - 1st-Steve Thornton (Saddle Winner-Saddle Sponsor- Big Country Electric Co-Op), 2nd-Glen Mauldin (Buckle Winner-Buckle Sponsor- Capital Farm Credit), 3rd-Dennis McKinley (Spurs Winner-Spur Sponsor- Joe Allen's Pit Bar-B-Que), 4th-Fred Barrett, 5th Kenny Spitzer

Calf Roping - 1st-Clayton Hamil (Saddle Winner-Saddle Sponsor- Spitzer Animal Health), 2nd-Jade Thompson, 3rd-Jim Breck Dean, 4th-Kiel Rowan, 5th Shawn Felton, 6th Tucker Jacob

Double Mugging - 1st-Kirt Keen/JD Owen (Saddle Winners-Saddle Sponsors- West Texas Ford

and Wal Mart, 2nd-Cooper Finley/Brian Leathers, 3rd-Raymond Hollabaugh/Kiel Rowan, 4th-Jay Hollabaugh/Kiel Rowan, 5th-Waylon Davis/Nathan Carter, 6th-Nathan Carter/Waylon Davis

Wild Cow Milking - Buckle Winners - 1st-Waylon Davis, 2nd-Garrett Fincher, 3rd-Tate Wilfong -Buckle Sponsors-Stamford Floral, Haskell Feeds, and Edward Jones/ Gary Connie Decker

Open Barrel - 1. Jackie Ganter 36.688 (Saddle Winner-Saddle Sponsor- Hargrove Crop Insurance); 2. Destiny Hatfield 37.130 (Buckle Winner-Buckle Sponsor- Tankersley Funeral Home); 3. Brandi Good 37.385; 4. Tara Schroedter 37.715; 5. Mary Harmen 37.833; 6. Delaney Delarosa 38.033

Pioneer Barrel - 1. Leslie Harrison 37.924 (received the Buckle because she is a previous saddle winner- Buckle Sponsor-Ag Crop Insurance); 2. Mary Harman 38.082 (Saddle Winner- Saddle Sponsor- Oman Cattle Company/ Dr. John Bill & Belinda Oman); 3. Lynn Newman 38.493; 4. Peggy Bleiker 38.975; 5. Bonnie Ray 38.803

Ranch Horse Competition - 1. Pate Stewart, Stewart Ranch (Saddle Winner-Saddle Sponsor- First Bank Texas); 2. Carrol Jack Lewis, Swenson Land & Cattle (Buckle Winner-Buckle Sponsor- Wilson Trailer Mfg. Inc.); 3. Jerry Bob Daniel, Circle Bar Ranch (Spurs Winner-Spur Sponsor-Gary Mathis Family)

Casey Mathis Memorial Steer Riding - Sponsors-Luskey's/Ryon's & American Electric Power & Lone Star Ladies & Jan Hammer- July 3, 2013 - 1. Jackson Harris; 2. Kolton McCright, Stamford; July 4, 2013 - 1. Alex Nino; 2. Will Scott; July 5, 2013 - 1. Ryan Mathis, 2. Rylon Jordan, Stamford


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