Osbornes Closing Their Doors

After 30 years in business, Osbornes will be closing their doors. Osbornes has provided the community with a myriad of products ranging from general hardware to livestock equipment. The Stamford location of Osbornes is not the only store closing. Over the past couple of years and over the next few months, owners of the chain Andy and Connie Duffie, have closed a couple of other locations. They are currently headed to Gainesville to oversee the closing of that store. If you have driven by Osbornes lately, you will have noticed a bright yellow sign with the words “35% off entire store. Store closing.” The windows are covered with newspapers. It brings a melancholy feeling over this reporter as I think a staple of our community is leaving. Going inside, even with the thought of some great savings, doesn’t do anything to make that feeling subside. While they still have quite a bit in stock, it is dwindling down and the shelves are looking bare. If you have any fixer-upper projects coming up at home or if you have been thinking about it, now would be the time to get into Osbornes and take advantage of the 35% off of your supplies. The parking lot has been filling up all week with customers trying to get their hands on the great savings, and others just stopping by to wish them well with their new endeavors. It’s a sad day in any community when a business that has been a part of our lives for so long says thank you and goodbye. Owners Andy and Connie Duffie were unavailable for comment at this time due to the store closings.

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