Taimi Wendeborn Says See You Later, Not Goodbye

“Teaching has been my greatest blessing, and it’s been a real honor to be a part. Hopefully I have made a difference,” Taimi Wendeborn uttered with sadness. 33 years ago Taimi graduated from Texas Tech University of Lubbock, and began teaching. However, that is not when her love for education started. Taimi’s grandmother was a librarian, and her mother a kindergarten teacher. Both taught here in Stamford. With a family history in the educational field, Taimi always had a passion for teaching children.  

Wendeborn attended school here in Stamford at Oliver Elementary and found it fitting to begin her career here too, teaching second grade. With her first school term under her belt she was drawn to teaching younger students. She spent the next four years teaching first graders. When Taimi’s mother, Nell Rosenquist, decided to retire in 1985, it left an opening for kindergarten classes which Taimi gladly filled and where she has remained until now. With two young grandchildren growing up too quickly and a new daughter-in-law joining the family, Wendeborn is ready to put teaching full time behind her and focus on being a granny. “Honey,” as the grandkids would say.

Teaching for over three decades means watching generations of students go through those halls. “I have taught kids and then they grow up and I’ve taught their kids. When I get to the grandchildren of my students I think it’s time to stop,” Taimi said jokingly. “I’ve even taught students that are now teachers themselves!”

Over time, Taimi says she has been so lucky that every principal and all the teachers she has worked with have been awesome. “That’s the part I will really miss; the staff and the kids!” During her career, from 1980 to 2013, she has had the privilege to see changes in the kids’ lives as well as changes in the way students are being taught. She says that the curriculum first grade students were being taught back in the 80’s is now the kindergarten curriculum today. The technology and the skills have really improved over the past 30 years.

“It has been a joy to look into the eyes of the students and see when they have that “ah ha” moment. That look when that special something snaps in their brain and they "get it." You can see their self- esteem raise.” Taimi says, “The greatest thing though is that they are just full of unconditional love, and I feel like that is how we should all feel towards each other!”


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