Fareed Hassen Resigns as Chamber Director

Effective March 6, 2013, I submitted my resignation from my position in working with the Stamford Chamber of Commerce. Almost four years ago, I was asked to work with the Chamber when it was in debt and in a bleak situation. As a challenge, I offered my expertise, experience and help to restore the Chamber as a responsible organization working for the betterment of Stamford. March 1, 2013, starts the beginning of the new Chamber Year, and I feel that we have accomplished many of the goals that we set out to achieve. The Chamber is financially sound, the Boards are beginning to function as they should for projects that are undertaken, the leadership is in good hands, and we have a Chamber for which we can all be proud. I feel that I have fulfilled the task for what I was asked to do, and feel that it is time to move on. I appreciate the opportunity of having been asked to help and appreciate all of the support that I have received from the community and from the Board. I wish them well, and know that the Stamford Chamber of Commerce is working for the betterment of Stamford, is financially sound, has a good workable agenda in place, and has a bright future ahead. I congratulate them for their hard work and pledge my support for the new leadership. Fareed Hassen

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