Town Leaders Come Together to Create a Vision for Stamford

By Callie Metler-Smith


Twenty-two members of the community came together for a community planning meeting at the VIP Center, Tuesday, October 31, 2012. The event was hosted by the Stamford Chamber of Commerce to bring community leaders together to brainstorm about what Stamford needs to strive for in the future.

Nicki Harle, the Executive Director of the Texas Midwest Community Network, facilitated the event and asked all participants to make a list of what they wanted to see for their town. After the lists were tallied and combined the top ten items were:

  1. Creating community wide infrastructure for technology such as 4G cell phone coverage and high speed internet service.
  2. Improve the roads in Stamford.
  3. Have continued communication between the different organizations in Stamford.
  4. Exemplary schools.
  5. Get rid of more abandoned and derelict houses.
  6. Promote more jobs in Stamford.
  7. Have new water and sewer lines.
  8. Continue efforts to be drug free.
  9. Bring more manufacturing business to Stamford.
  10. Have community clean up days.

After identifying the top ten goals of the members present, each organization represented nominated a person to serve on a committee to address the list. The Chamber plans to hold the first meeting of the new committee in January.

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